Black Team

Fall DryLand Training

Competitive Team

October 1st - November 15th

*Winter schedule and registration TBA

Birth Year 2000 - 2005

Cost: $225

The Black Team fall dryland training is designed for new and returning biathletes ages 14-18 who would like to participate in biathlon at a recreational or competitive level. The Black team will train for nordic skiing and biathlon with the goal of competing in regional nordic and biathlon races.

The program will include coaching, rifle use, ammunition for practices and races, and periodized ski training.

All athletes will be expected to pass a rifle safety course (Red Book) at the beginning of the season. Any behavior that does not comply with BBC's safety standards will not be tolerated.



Monday: 4:00 PM at Pete's Hill.

Tuesday: 4:00 PM shooting practice at Crosscut Mountain Sports Center.

Wednesday: 4:00 PM rollerski workout at Triple Tree Ranch.

Thursday: 4:00 PM  shooting practice at Crosscut Mountain Sports Center

Sunday: 2:00 PM  shooting practice at Crosscut Mountain Sports Center. 


*contact for scholarship inquiries

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Athletes may register for shooting practices on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Athletes MUST be ski training with BSF to be eligible for this option.