green Team

Green Team programming is designed for new and returning biathletes ages 10-11 who wish to participate in biathlon. The Green team trains for nordic skiing and biathlon with the goal of competing in regional nordic and biathlon races.

The program will include coaching in Nordic skiing and rifle marksmanship, Crosscut Mountain Sport Center passes, rifle use, ammunition for practices and races, and a fun team environment.

All athletes will be expected to pass a rifle safety course (Red Book) annually. Any behavior that does not comply with BBC's safety standards will not be tolerated. 

what do i need?

Participants in this program will need proper active wear for each season, nordic ski equipment, watch , hydration at all sessions (drink belt or bottle holster). Club firearms will be provided for all participants.


There are several ways participants may register for programs. Families may register for the full year of programing for the best value and have the option of paying in installments. Families may also register for each season (summer, fall, winter). Below is a list of the price structure for each option

  • Green Team Full Year (June-March) $800 (full payment, or $200 at registration and 3 installments of $200 ending 12/1/2019). Full year tuition includes club uniform costs

  • Green Team Summer (6/16/2019 - 8/18/2019) $200

  • Green Team Fall (9/8/2019 - 10/27/2019) $200

  • Green Team Winter (11/12/2019 - 3/10/2020) $400

  • Club Uniform $250 (included with this; warm up jacket, race suit) designs posted shortly!

All registration options will be found on the registration form on the link.

additional costs

Below is a list of other possible expenses with the season, these are estimates and final expenses may vary slightly.

  • West Yellowstone Camp Thanksgiving week $300

  • Additional Race fees and memberships