Bridger biathlon club Programs


The Bridger Biathlon Club works to offer programing for all levels of biathletes, from peoples first experience all the way to international competition. BBC strives to do this by offering a supportive, fun environment where participants have the support to progress in the sport. BBC provides many different programing levels to have something to offer to everyone. Additional details and registration information is listed on each page.



Green Team, Ages 10-11. Green team focuses are on participation and learning new skills. Participants will learn Nordic skiing and rifle marksmanship.

Blue Team, Ages 12-13. Green team focuses build on the green team and incorporate process oriented goals in learning new skills in Nordic skiing and rifle marksmanship.

Black Team, Ages 14-18. Black team continues to build on previous programs and brings additional focus to systems for athletes to develop as individuals both in and out of sport.


PG Team, Ages 18+ (students who have graduated from High School). Focus is on working with athletes to develop the skills needed to make the next step in the sport of biathlon and compete at both a national and international levels.


Red Team, Ages 18+. Red team focuses on providing both exposure to the sport of biathlon for adults who have never had the opportunity previously, as well as support for Adults wishing to see how far they can progress in the sport. Two programing levels are offered to achieve this, the Rec level is designed for new biathletes and those wanting a fun activity to pursue and get them outside during the winter months. Comp level is for athletes wishing to progress in the sport with the goal of competition.