Carol Smith

Board Chair

Originally from Hinsdale, Illinois, Carol now resides in Bridger Canyon in Bozeman. She inherited a lifelong appreciation for the great outdoors and the benefits of vigorous daily exercise from her father, who loved to fly fish in Montana. Carol and her husband Mike have three children and one granddaughter.

Carol supports the mission of Montana State University, and has served on several Boards, chief among them the MSU Alumni Foundation Board, from which she received the first Honorary Alumni By Choice award. She also helped establish the endowment to fund the President’s Fine Arts Series at the College of Arts and Architecture.

Carol’s passion for supporting military personnel inspired her to create a scholarship at MSU that supports spouses of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans in continuing their education. She has been active in Bozeman’s Warriors and Quiet Waters and is an honorary member of Chapter 28, Devil’s Brigade U.S. Army Special Forces Association.

Carol is a graduate of Sophie Newcomb College of Tulane University where she currently serves on the Newcomb College Institute Director’s Advisory Council. She is a past president of the Graue Mill and Museum in Oak Brook.



Lucas Dupont

Project Coordinator

Watching plants grow is one of my greatest joys. Even as a kid, when I only had a little cactus to call my own, I loved it. I’m from Omaha, Nebraska, where I earned a degree in Agricultural Studies. I went on to work for an industrial food corporation but left because I wanted to pursue a job that aligned more with my values. I believe that gardens can bring neighbors together and foster a community’s mental and physical health.


January Blum

community Liason

For a while, I worked as a PR consultant to emerging musicians and bands in Nashville. I wanted to transition into the nonprofit sector and be involved in the sustainable movement. Project Sprout is my first venture into the field, and I couldn’t be happier. I still have a strong commitment to the music industry and sometimes combine both skill sets by planning and hosting fundraising shows at our larger gardens.